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Android download is dead

there no file on the Mega please update

Please Fix Android Download Link


You have been warned

does this version have anything after the mission named the betrayal, I was playing it somewhere else and that was the end of the content

Update link for Android please

What do I do when I get to the part after I meet my son and Vados with the Grand Priestess? I just kept sleeping, but get nothing for new quests...


I dont know if this is still being devolved, but customization would be good, and choices, making the girls your slaves,  making them wear outfits or what have you

Anal sex?


How do you save


is this still being worked on or is it completed?

When I enter the room of 21 he sends me with 18, how do I visit 21? 


No se como guardar en el juego alguien me podria decir como le hago por favor?

I think I have played this before is this a remaster or the same game. I wish there's non-con choices and animations. Reason why I say non-con I want to be a ruthless god.

I can't choose 18 in the room selection screen only the the other five

Did you find Android 18's room yet? 


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it's a fukcing glitch ffs, keep playing till the majin 21 quest line is completed and when she is added to the harem click on her on the room options it'll take you too lazuli, and you gotta reset the prisoner progress and go to sleep straight then summon prisoner for videl, then go to sleep again to continue the quest

Click on the Picture of Android 21 it takes you to 18 if she is staying with you.


I can't download

I can't get past the part where I have to name the dragon in prison bc of a error code, is there anyway I can fix this ? PLEEEASE


Hey 18 is not showing in the rooms selections, only 5 girls appear

is there something I can do about the screen flashing white? I usually can only play at night when I get home from work and I'm epileptic so it's really getting to me

I am going to so disappointed if Towa, Zangya or Princess Oto don't have any scenes

I can only say i am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL

I'm stuck at the start room wtf do I do


how much more of the story was added because nothing appears for me after aes meets vados

the same here

Download Version 1.07 your still on 1.6

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It said that I should check on Android 18's room, but problem is that I can't find Android 18's room. What do I do?


What do i need to do i can't seem to unlock anything


any cheats

So I was wondering why the game requires access to all files?

gods require all files

lol true I suppose but if something goes crazy on my shiz I'm gonna blast ya

Game didn't ask me for access to all my files.

I'm on Android so maybe that helps?

That might be it

So was you able to get into the game? Bc it's asking me the same thing.